About Dadi

DADI has over 20 years in production of wooden hangers, crafts, shelves, and other wooden furniture. we also offer a wide variety of products in different materials. And for all our products, custom colors and logos can be provided to best suit your needs. At present, we have 3 plants with 650 workers all together, producing wooden, metal, acrylic products and we sale paint and accessories to other local factories. Our capacity allows us to fill large orders in a short amount of time as well as keeping up with any monthly supply you may need. Our hangers are high-quality and we offer competitive prices. Here at DADI quality is our top priority and we like knowing that our customers can count on us to ensure them with a quality product that can be a reflection of their own business. We also believe the supplier/customer relations are vital to the success of both parties so our sales and design team is always ready to assist our customers in any way we can.