Although hanger is a small product, the production is quite complex. Any,Careless may lead to defected product in the end.

There are 6 workshops a piece of wood must go through before call a hanger.

  1. Raw material warehouse

Wood must stay here for at least 3 months in order to get dry—-Humidity above 16 degree is not acceptable.

2.Roughcast workshop  

For standard hanger

the first process is to cut. 1.4m wooden board to pieces with length of 35cm. Secondly, a worker will draw a curve on the wood and cut the wood to two halves based on the drawing.

These two halves will go through a wheel machine to get the cut smoother. Thirdly, a joint will be made on the two halves.

Just after that, notches, and the position for anti-slip strips will also be made if needed.

The last step in roughcast is to match. Two halves of hanger must be with similar color. Those wood with big knots will be through away.

If it is for luxury hanger, the process is much more complicated. For top brand hangers, our workers are extremely careful with this, their standard is to reach perfect—-every piece same as sample.

  1. 3.Sanding workshop

Roughcasts are then sent to Sanding Workshop, with the fast turns of the wheel, surface of hangers become smooth and refined. Sanding requires carefulness and aesthetic judgment. When it’s sanded not enough, it’s not smooth; When it’s sanded too hard, it’s deformed and damaged. After sanding for the first time, hangers are sent to sanding again to get smoother feeling.

  1. 4 Make-up workshop

In this workshop, workers cover the flaws of the hanger with paste. Then hangers are sent back for sanding again to make the surface smooth. Sanding and making-up will be done several times even after basement paint is done. The smoother surface is, the better effect comes out in the end.

  1. 5 Painting workshop

Using the electrostatic painting line, painting becomes much more efficient. Each hanger must be painted for 3 times: twice basement painting and then a finishing. Each layer of painting takes about 2 hours.

1.6 Assembling Workshop

After painting, hangers are sent to assembling workshop. Here, hangers will be printed logo, and assembled with metal parts, like hooks and clips. Ready made hangers are then packed carefully into cartons, and then sent to warehouse on the first floor by the lift.

What worth to be mentioned is, in each workshop, we have QC staff watching over the production process at any time and select defected products. Each hanger goes out of our factory are checked and selected by six persons.