Lipu Dadi Wood Products Co., Ltd.
DADI is a manufacturer mainly produces wooden products for display and hotels.
It locates in “The Hanger’s Capital of China”​—-Lipu, Guilin.

DADI’s first plant was built in 1998, competitive in producing hangers for home use. In 2005, the second plant was set up, mainly produces for stores and hotels. After more than 15 years’​ effort, now DADI is capable of designing and producing variety of products such as hangers, display shelves, luggage racks, clothes trees, standing suite hangers, etc.

Besides above mentioned, there are two more branches, they are Guilin Dadi Paint Industry Co., Ltd. and Guilin Red Horse Home Co., Ltd.

The paint factory was found in 2008, produces many kinds of environment-friendly paint for wooden goods. Producing paint by ourselves greatly improves DADI’s ability in cost and quality control. Guilin Red Horse Home Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. The company’s business scope goes beyond that produces by DADI itself. Red Horse integrates products like commercial lighting, manikin, LED signboard, etc. At the same time, Red Horse provides interior design service for stores. Thus, customers opening new stores can save time and money with our help.

Up to now, DADI has 300 workers, a QC and management team of 70 persons, a design team of 35 persons and 30 salesmen. Every month, we produce 7 million hangers and other products, which are popular both at home and abroad.DADI believes our products must be carefully produced with our hearts in it. Thanks for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry.


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