Commitment to Sustainable Development

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Guilin Dadi Arts & Handcraft Co., Ltd. (Herein after abbr. as Dadi) views sustainability differently than other companies.  Instead of focusing on a single aspect of a hanger product, we employ a holistic approach.  Our team considers every stage of the product life cycle, including raw material, design, manufacturing, distribution, retail usage, re-use & recycle processing and eventual end-of-life.

Sustainable Resources

We purchase wood material from forests with FSC certification only. We minimize the use of natural resources and will use alternative material like straw, paper and PLA.

Fair Employer & Fair Partner

Committing to be best-in-class employers, and giving back to the communities where we operate. Dadi is the sustainability leader in the markets we operate.

Dadi’ s two hanger plants are both won the FSC certificate and have been recognized for environmental excellence in the areas they operate.  We operate our production with focus on its energy efficiency, reduction in water usage, conservation of natural resources, and waste reduction.

In addition to operating and producing sustainably, we innovate within all of our categories to make more environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Our research and development process focuses on advancements that deliver real benefits, including maximizing re-use, addressing end-of-life and working towards being carbon neutral.

Sustainability is not supplemental to our operations. It is the lens through which we examine everything we do.