Dresses Rebooming, high-end Hanger Rebooming

It’s official. Dresses are back as the newest recovery classification as consumers look to embrace celebratory dressing. It’s become clear that designers are ramping up dress assortments in a major way, providing both optimism and a new sense of expression that’s in stark contrast to pandemic-era sweats. No matter what the occasion, there’s a dress for it and more often than not it’s sexy.

What makes the dress classification so appealing right now is the comeback of occasions that provide opportunities to dress up. In fact, the tendency to “go all out” is something that’s fully embraced because for such a long time there really wasn’t a reason to wear a dress. In the height of the pandemic, retailers canceled dress orders, but now they’re heavily investing back in the category and, in particular, party dresses.

As the essential supporting facility to dresses, hanger industry gets booming gradually too. The high end dresses would require first-class hangers to fully display its beauty.

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