The European tourist and hotel economy has begun to recover, the hotel hanger industry has given strong support

As vaccination rates have increased and effective control of the epidemic, most of European countries have recently started a wide range of unblock. Restrictions on foreign tourists were lifted, tourist attractions, hotels and shopping malls were fully opened, and the economy began to recover.Because the epidemic has depressed people for so long, and now they urgently need a trip to relieve their physical and mental fatigue,This is great news for the clothes hanger industry.

The travel and hospitality industries are bracing for a short spike in travel and stay,clothing stores are also seeing more customers.Recently, our hotel and clothing hangers have received inquiries and orders from customers, and our hanger business has gradually returned to the right track.

Our company specializes in production clothes hangers, and the main customers come from the hotel and clothing industry.Our hangers have high quality, luxurious and fashionable appearance.There are still supply shoehorns, luggage racks, coat racks, clothes hanger hotel products. Brand customization is also acceptable.