What are the public holidays in China every year?

Many hanger customers asked this question,We have some holidays throughout the year, and some are our traditional Chinese holidays.
In order to facilitate customers to learn more about our work dates and hanger production arrangements, we have summarized some of the holidays and listed them as follows:
Spring Festival, usually at the end of January or beginning of February, with a holiday of 7 days;
Qing Ming Festival, usually in the first week of April,one day;
The special holiday Sanyuesan of Guangxi Zhuang People is in mid-April, with a three-day holiday;
Labor Day falls on May 1st, with a five-day holiday;
The Dragon Boat Festival is in mid-June, with a one-day holiday;
The Mid-Autumn Festival is in late September and has a one-day holiday;
National Day falls on October 1st, with a seven-day holiday;
As Chinese Traditional holidays are based on the lunar calendar, the Solar calendar time varies from year to year.
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