59,000 hotels closed in 2020 China,the hotel hangers market also suffered

Betterwood announces business partnership with New Century Hotel Group,both two parties will leverage their respective strengths to jointly develop the high-end hotel and resort China market. This is good news for the hotel clothes hanger industry

A total of 59,000 hotel accommodation facilities with more than 15 rooms will be reduced on the Chinese mainland in 2020,Hotel rooms fell by 2.294 million, with budget hotels declining the most, reaching 2.072 million.The purchase of hotel clothes hangers has also fallen sharply.At the same time, hotel chains room has increased by 166,000 .Jin Jiang Hotel opened 892 stores; China Lodging Group added 1053 franchised hotels ; BTG Hotels opened 250 new stores in the first half of 2020.The demand for custom hanger with logo has also grown sharply

2021 International Workers’ Day may become one of the hottest holidays since the epidemic,At present, the hotels and homestays booking continue to climb in popular cities .In the first quarter of this year, the number of newly registered hotel-related enterprises reached 83,000, with a year-on-year growth of 43.1%. The tourism and hotel industry began to recover.Our factory has also developed a series of hotel supplies to meet the needs of the market. In addition to hotel hangers, we can also provide hotel luggage racks, shoe racks, coat stand hanger , and shoehorns.

At present, the investment and development center of international hotel groups is gradually shifting from European and American countries to Asia.Hotel hangers have also begun to transform from ordinary hangers to luxury wooden hanger, satin hanger, and custom clothing hangers.

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