How to choose hangers for your hotel?

Cloths hanger is a small part of hotel room,But it’s important too.Hangers are available in different materials,including wood,plastic,metal…… you’ll want to ensure that material you’re choosing is the most ideal option.Let’s introduce different materials as below.

Wood hangers are durable and can hold the heavy garments and delicate clothing, especially for jackets,coat,suits. Wooden hangers are often made from Lotus,Beech,Ash,Cedar wood. It can’t be hold wet clothing.Anyway If you are looking for the most long-lasting hangers, wood hangers are the best option. They are very sturdy and good looking,and can be designed to fit for your hotel style.

Metal hangers are very commonly used at dry cleaners. They are a quick and cheap option, this material is not the most ideal option for your guests,usually some normal styles are not good to hold heavy and delicate garments .But we have high-end solutions for metal hanger,like Aluminium hangers,it’s a kind of high quality material.

Plastic hangers are also cost-effective and designed to hold a variety of garments. They are also durable and can be used for a variety of clothing.Plastic hangers can hold their shape and last for years. It’s no problem for wet clothes too.But some plastic hangers can break if the clothing is too heavy.
All our hangers can be customized with your requests,we really appreciate if you have any suggestions about hangers,please contact us.Thank you!

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