Global Timber Shortage: Timber Prices hit an all-time high,how about wood hanger market trend

According to a report on the website of Fortune magazine on January 20, the wood shortage caused by the epidemic has not ended.According to data from Random Lengths, a global timber industry research organization, since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, global timber prices have risen by 188%, an all-time high. even though the wood price rise, wooden clothes hanger still maintain original price for our clients

The reason for the price of wood is that, on the one hand, the epidemic restriction measures have reduced the efficiency of sawmills, resulting in a decline in wood supply. At the same time due to the shortage of shipping containers, rising freight is also a reason. due the shipping fee rise quickly ,wooden clothes hanger cost rise much than previous

After the situation of epidemic control improves in the future, production capacity will be expanded and prices may drop slightly. But the long-term bullish trend will not change. hanger manufacturer should develop more economic and quality wooden display garment hanger.

In order to cope with the rising price of wood, some furniture factories are widely using metal materials instead of wood. metal hanger have strong and durable features ,very popular for home and supermarket.

from the furniture exhibition in March this year, light luxury furniture is the most popular furniture style at present,Light luxury furniture uses a lot of metal to replace the previous wood,This will reduce the dependence on wood to a certain extent, and at the same time, furniture enterprises can also obtain better market sales. luxury metal hanger are more popular for brand garment display .

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