ASOS garment wins Topshop for £295 million

Since the British retailer Arcadia Group declared bankruptcy, whose Topshop will eventually go to, has always attracted attention.In the end, the British e-commerce brand ASOS successfully acquired the Arcadia Group’s four fashion brands, Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT, for 295 million pounds (approximately RMB 2.619 billion).

ASOS’s 295 million pounds is only used to purchase the assets of the four brands, and another 30 million pounds will be paid to acquire related equity, but physical retail stores and related businesses are not included in the transaction.This means that the Topshop brand, which once opened its stores all over the British Fashion Street, will eventually transform into a fashion e-commerce brand focusing on online business. Most of the brand’s stores cannot be retained, and custom clothes hanger demand for physical stores display clothing will also decrease.

Founded in 2000, ASOS is a global online retailer of fashion apparel and beauty products. ASOS’s own brand brought by a London designer, works with third-party brands around the world to provide young people with fashion products.

2020 is a special node. Under the epidemic, many retailers stores collapsed in the harsh winter. The only winner is e-commerce, and the sales of e-commerce on Clothing display props  risen sharply.

The newly emerging fashion e-commerce forces have made a lot of money in this big storm. With the changes of the times, people who catch the outlet can always eat the dividends of the times and go further.

In order to better and faster meet the customers needs, our company add the European Amazon e-commerce platform in 2020, domestic E-commerce platforms such as 1688 and Taobao have also been newly opened in China, which has injected new vitality into the company clothes hanger business. Display Clothing hangers suitable for different positioning have also emerged

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