How did Peacebird make 700 million RMB under the epidemic

Affected by the global epidemic in 2020, the retail market in the clothing industry has suffered a setback. Related auxiliary products such as display hangers and the clothing accessories industry have also been deeply affected. However, a domestic clothing brand has bucked the trend and has become one of the few beautiful scenery

On January 12, Peacebird released a forecast of 2020 performance, according to the announcement shows that in 2020 Peacebird company is expected to achieve  net profit of about 700 million RMB, year-on-year growth of about 27%, withholding non-net profit of about 560 million RMB, year-on-year growth of about 59%.

Peacebird is the first group of domestic companies that emphasis on the youth, focuses on product, channel and marketing

The company continues to innovate in brand rejuvenation, digital operations, omni-channel retail, and organizational incentives.The operating efficiency and profitability of direct channels have been greatly improved, and the retail scale of franchised channels has resumed growth,The e-commerce channel has maintained a healthy and rapid growth, and the commodities rapid reaction ability has been continuously improved. The overall profitability of the company is constantly optimized and improved.

In sharp contrast, the profits of most apparel brands have fallen. According to CFW’s previous statistics of 37 listed apparel companies in the three quarterly reports, only Peacebird, SAINT ANGELO, Biyin Lefen, and Gelisi achieved positive net profit growth

The situation of overseas brands is not optimistic, especially fast fashion brands are losing ground.

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