Eco-friendly fashion pioneer Monki will use recycled mixed fibers to make clothing

Pollution environment and waste resources has been a long problem for the fashion industry, a few years ago was ranked by the United Nations as one of the top three polluting industries in the world. face environmental pollution and excessive waste of resources, coupled with consumers’ increasing emphasis on sustainable development, major brands and retailers have begun their “sustainable actions”.

Recently Swedish fast fashion giant H&M’s brand Monki has made new progress in environmental protection and sustainability, which has unique significance for recycling and environmental protection. Monki’s new recycling machine “Green Machine” uses new technology to recycle mixed fibers to make clothes. They were the first fashion brand to do so.

In the fashion industry, apart from environmental pollution, the most annoying thing is the large-scale waste of resources. Every year, a large number of discarded clothes are restricted to various limitations.For example,due to technical , fabric , manpower , cost problems, etc., they cannot be completely recycled, so they can only be incinerated and landfilled, which will bring huge harm to the environment.

Monki’s new recycling Machine, the Green Machine, will take this problem a step further.”Green Machine” uses the hydrothermal reaction treatment method, so that the recycled clothing can be treated in a more safe, efficient, rapid and environmentally friendly way.The hydrothermal reaction treatment method can directly separate cotton and polyester fiber blends, which means that only water, heat and 5% of biodegradable chemicals are required to complete the decomposition and recycling of textile fabrics that cost a lot in the past.

In order to better respond to the concept of environmental protection, our company has recently developed several new types of environmental protection clothes hangers:plastic clothes hangers and biodegradable wood-plastic clothes hangers, which can reduce environmental pollution more vigorously

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