Hotels around the world are struggling to cope with the impact of the epidemic.

China’s hotel industry is experiencing the fastest recovery, and it is also ushering in more favors from international brands.
The hotel industry under the impact of the epidemic is now diverging.

In Southeast Asia and Europe, the second wave of the epidemic has forced the recently reopened hotels to close.

But in China, the hotel industry is recovering rapidly and the momentum is steady.

Statistics show that during the Golden Holiday of October, the number of domestic tourists exceeded 600 million.

This figure is equivalent to nearly 80% of last year’s holiday visitors, which is much higher than expected.

Despite a net loss in the first half of the year, the share price of Huazhu Group, China’s second-largest hotel company listed on Nasdaq, has risen 9% so far this year; while China’s largest hotel group Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotel ( Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels) has a total return of more than 50%.

According to media reports, analysts predict that China’s hotel industry will achieve the world’s largest growth in the next year.

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