Alibaba Group show New Manufacturing model for Apparel

Hangzhou, China, September 16, 2020 – Alibaba Group Holding Limited revealed its New Manufacturing model for Apparel—shorten lead time 50% and decrease MOQ 90%.

Powered by Alibaba’s technology, the Hangzhou-based factory–Xunxi, offers digitalized manufacturing supply chain that allows fully-customized, demand-driven production for apparel. They chose apparel as the first catalogue for this new technology because it has consistently been one of the biggest sales on Alibaba’s retail marketplaces in China. With acuumlation of stastics, the company has unparalleled advantage in gathering trend in apprael.

In this industry, in the past, excess inventory led to a 30% loss. But with analysing of past stastics, Xunxi now can cut 50% of the normal lead time and decrease minmun order quantity from 1000pcs to 100pcs only.  Xunxi’s pilot demonstrates Alibaba’s commitment to make it easy to do business anywhere. Leveraging this ‘made-in-cloud’ production, small and medium sized businesses can stay competitive in the fast-moving fashion market.

As the leading Hanger manufacturer, we must go with the tide of this trend. Now we keep stock of our collection and can customize the hangers in logo and color very fast. It can be a nice gift for your customer online.

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