Women’s fashion consumption trend insight report

China Business Data Center (CBNData) released “Decoding the Fashion Attitudes of Young People-Women’s Fashion Consumption Trend Insight Report” on August 4th. The report starts from the CBNData consumption data from 2017 to 2020 and decodes the consumption of women’s fashion. Group, explore the development and proposition of fashion brands.

With the rapid development of the consumer market and the improvement of the people’s level, personal image has become more and more important, the “economy of beauty” has exploded, and young consumers have become the absolute main consumer and potential fashion force in the future. The online women’s clothing market is booming, and the proportion of young people born after 90/95 has gradually increased. At the same time, the trend of market sinking is obvious, and the consumption potential of consumers in lower-tier cities is also constantly being released.

Brand rankings in the overall online women’s clothing market have changed drastically and competition is fierce. Brands are more actively participating in major fashion weeks. At the same time, national trends, art cross-border, IP co-branding, and fan economy are the current major trends

Brand competition in the women’s clothing market is fierce, and fashionable women’s clothing brands with ever-changing designs continue to sell well.

During the epidemic, the pent-up shopping desire began to recover, and consumers’ demand for fashionable shoes and clothing continued to increase.

Astonishing idol effect, “the same style of celebrity” has become a fashion standard for young people.

And can the hanger industry, which is closely related to clothing industry, return with the help of the strong recovery of women’s clothing? It is expected that the traditional clothes hanger industry will diversify styles and functions as the trend of women’s clothing changes, and also diversify sales models.

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