Domestic clothing market will evaporate 400 billion

According to the Securities Times, the domestic apparel industry is experiencing the most serious “great retreat” since the reform and opening up. Some experts predict that the overall apparel industry will reduce revenue by at least 400 billion yuan this year, and the overall market will shrink by 15%. Most apparel brands are at risk. At the micro level, as the industry leader, the apparel listed companies almost all predict a sharp decline or loss in the first half of the year. Squeezed by market demand, the price of front-end raw materials once hit a record low and is still hovering at a low level.

At the same time, the accessories industry related to the apparel industry was also hit hard. One of them is the hanger industry. Due to the large number of closures of some clothing brand stores and the slowdown in expansion, the demand for hangers has also shrunk significantly. However, with the recovery of the market, the consumption model of online shopping has become more and more accepted by the public. Especially during the epidemic, the sales of cross-border e-commerce have not declined, but have increased. Can some traditional hanger manufacturers take the opportunity to seek new breakthroughs?

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