COVID-19 Caring donation

2020 will be an extraordinary year, an epidemic COVID-19 sweeping the world, severe economic constraints, very slow growth and even negative growth in some industries, and unemployment significant rise

Affected by the epidemic, the global clothing industry has been affected. Not only the physical clothing retail has been severely hit, but also the online has suffered great losses due to logistics and other reasons.Both international luxury clothing brands and fast fashion are in trouble.

We are the clothes hanger industry, which is closely related to the clothing and hotel industries. These two industries have been severely damaged by the epidemic, our clothes hanger industry are not optimistic.

Some big clothing brands have gone out of business, but some brand have quickly adjusted their product layouts and rebranding, in order to occupy the market quickly and get ready for the economic recovery.

Our company also correspondingly launched new style like luxury clothes hanger and more economy hanger , more comprehensive ensure and support clothing and hotel economic recovery.

We would like to thank the medical workers who have been protect us . It is their hard work and persistence that have brought us a safe living environment. you are great and thank you .
We also tried our best to donate PPE to the local Lipu City People’s Hospital and Debao County Traditional Medicine Hospital :disposable medical mask, KN95 protective mask, gloves, goggles and protective clothing, total USD43,500.Let us work together to defeat the epidemic and build a better home.

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